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Students Management System

Managing students will be the core function of any campus management system and Link2School has taken special care in bringing all the possible functions you can imagine of a student management system.

  • Students allotment to classes
    • Students will smoothly be allotted to classes according to any criteria you fix, such as their previous exam's scores etc.

  • Students Monitoring
    • This module will let the teachers remember the students in trouble, needing that extra care and on every student.

  • Exam Management
    • Teachers can easily create exams online and let the students take the exam. They can also manage the examination calendar very effectively.

  • Attendance Management
    • Attendance management is another tiresome task for teachers when is done manually. Link2School helps you to manage each and every students' attendance so effectively that this will no longer be a head ache.

  • Classroom Management
    • Lets you monitor each and every student on their everyday activities such as assignment submission and project update etc.

    • Timely reports to the students, their parents and to the management on every students' complete academic and extra curricular activities.

  • Discipline Management
    • This module lets you keep a close watch on every student in your class. You can communicate with the student in private and take them to corrective actions everything done online.

    • Lists all the disciplinary policies, rules and regulation of the institute.

    • Lists all the prohibited activities as listed by the management

    • Reports on punctuality and behaviors

    • Facility to send warning messages to students

  • Alert Management
    • This module lets you to send any alerts/emergency messages to students and their parents by both emails and text messages.

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